Choosing Best Bus Manufacturer For Your Business

Posted on20/09/2023

Choosing the right bus manufacturer for your business is a critical decision that can impact your bottom line. With so many manufacturers in the market, navigating through the options and choosing the best one for your business needs can be challenging. In this blog, we will discuss the key factors to consider when selecting a bus manufacturer: quality and reliability, customization and flexibility, and customer service and after-sales support.

When choosing a bus manufacturer, it is crucial to consider the quality and reliability of the manufacturer. You want to ensure that the buses you purchase are of high quality and can withstand the rigors of daily use. Research the manufacturer's track record for producing reliable buses to do this. Look for reviews and feedback from other bus owners who have experience with the manufacturer's products. You can also consider the quality of materials used in the manufacturing process. A manufacturer that uses high-quality materials is more likely to produce buses that are durable and long-lasting.

Cityline is pleased to announce that we have selected Volvo chassis for our buses. We will discuss the features that make Volvo chassis suitable for our buses, the benefits of using Volvo chassis, and a comparison with other chassis options available in the market.

Volvo chassis is known for its durability and reliability, which makes it an ideal choice for Cityline's buses. The chassis is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, ensuring that our buses can operate smoothly for extended periods. Additionally, the suspension system of Volvo chassis provides a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers, reducing the impact of bumps and potholes on the road. Furthermore, the advanced braking systems and stability control features of Volvo chassis enhance the safety of our buses, ensuring that our passengers arrive at their destinations safely.

The bus building process involves a lot of intricacies, precision, know-how and workmanship right from understanding customer needs, conceptualization, then taking it to drawing board to final fabrication. The understanding of each process as per requirement is pivotal be it passenger cabin design, leg room, mobile charging points, reading lights, personal storage to make travel convenient and delightful. Let’s look at some of the customization features in bus manufacturing along with great bus design.

TMS, a bus manufacturing company in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), is the most prestigious organization that provides an integrated solution for bus manufacturing right from conceptualization, suggesting the right product to final fabrication with desired quality, comfort and timeline. They specialize in all basic fabrication operations and stringent quality standards are maintained. The quality standards are derived from more than three decades of learning, experience and deliverance. Customers get the right product at the right time manufactured in state of the art facility of TMS.

Expertise in Customization

When you are going to get your transportation needs manufactured by the best bus bodybuilders for your organization, it is important to be thoughtful that you can always customize your transportation needs according to your specific need, continence and comfort. When we talk about customization, it includes – choosing the right chassis for your bus, diesel engine, the number of seats you may require, seat fabric, flooring facility, ample storage and many more. We will further discuss some of the customization features to build a new bus.

Volvo is a renowned automotive manufacturer known for producing high-quality and safe vehicles. One of the critical components that contribute to the safety and durability of Volvo is the chassis. The Volvo chassis is made up of various materials and designed with advanced technology to provide a smooth and safe driving experience. 

The all-new Volvo B13R is a platform for superior productivity. A powerful new engine offers fuel savings of up to 9%, making a substantial difference to operating costs. An updated chassis with a new driver’s environment makes every mile behind the wheel an amazing experience. And your passengers will enjoy improved comfort and safety. Volvo B13R offers several advanced features and proactive protective safety systems that help the driver avoid incidents and accidents. It comes with Lane Keeping Support, a warning system that notifies the driver if the coach is about to unintentionally cross a lane marker. It also comes with Driver Alert System, a system that registers the drivers’ behaviour and the position of the bus in the lane. If the driver loses concentration, the system displays pop-up messages and emits audible signals to encourage the driver to pay attention to the road ahead or to take a break.

Volvo Connect

With Volvo Connect you can save fuel, increase efficiency, secure uptime, boost safety and grow profitability. Volvo Connect is your fleet management system and entrance to the world of Volvo Bus Services. Connected services as well as documentation and workshop tools – all in one place. A unique-to-Volvo service, based on geofencing, but with added functionality. One example is safety zones, where a vehicle’s speed is limited to a pre-set value within a defined area, or for part of a route. When a warning is lit on the driver’s dashboard it also sends a notification to Volvo Connect. Which means no time is lost. You can assist your driver and decide whether to return to the depot or complete the shift. A true uptime booster. Volvo Connect offers a range of workshop services with diagnostics, software downloads, documentation and instructions for maintenance and repair. And you can even find the right spare parts online.


The chassis is the central base of the bus upon which the bus body is built on. TMS has worked extensively with automotive majors in conceiving and converting the chassis into buses for Malaysia and Singapore into comfortable travel options be it Tour buses, Express buses, School buses and many more.


Next in line is the seating aspect. Quite obviously, it depends on the number of passengers you carry. There are many types of seats and upholstery fabrics that are available including High back, reclining, and fully reclining, with lumber support and can have upholstery of cloth, vinyl, leather, and suede leather. Also, there are anti-microbial features to provide a hygienic environment inside the buses.


Buses are configured with storage above the seats or under the body accessible from the sides of the bus. For our buses, there is an under-bay storage facility available. Having the right storage space for travellers makes the journey really enjoyable and hassle-free.


There are different kinds of flooring available for buses. It ranges from heavy-duty aluminium, wooden floor, and Vinyl flooring. They also specialize in different kinds of flooring that suits the budget, usage and requirement of users.

Reasons that make TMS different from other bus bodybuilders:

Top-quality products and services that meet the highest standards.

A long tradition of innovation in mobility solutions.

They can be customized as per your needs and application.

Robust technical know-how and industry expertise.

Reliable and responsive collaborations and partnerships.

Large production capacity guaranteeing fast delivery.



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