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SGD 220.00
Tour Highlights: VIP coach transfer (2way) 1 Night accommodation (Deluxe Room) Buffet Breakfast for 2 person Departure: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Except Eve & Public Holidays) Package details Min. group...
SGD 130.00
Tour Highlights: VIP coach transfer (1 way) 1 Night accommodation (Superior Room) Buffet Breakfast for 2 person Departure: Daily Min. group size: 2 3 working days confirmation before departure Booking confirmation...
SGD 1,150.00
Tour Highlights:  World Longest Single Cable Car   New Attraction – Golden Bridge  2nd biggest Imperial City in the world  Vietnam Little France - Ba Na Hills Departure Date: 16 NOV 2023 / Thursday
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Southeast Asia is a paradise filled with stunning islands! From the vibrant Phi Phi Islands in Thailand to the breathtaking beaches of Bali in Indonesia, and the pristine waters of Palawan in the Philippines, there's no shortage of incredible islands to explore in this tropical wonderland!

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Booking FAQ

Due to limited availability and the popularity of certain destinations, some trips may become fully booked. A trip may already be fully booked by the time a customer attempts to book it. Cityline does not offer a waitlist option for customers who are still interested in the trip. However, you may still check again on our website should there be any cancellations occur.

All bookings are first come first serve basis. If you’ve booked a trip and secured your place, you will not be able to participate if a sale happens to start within the sale period.

If I'm not sharing with someone else, how can make sure I add a single room to my booking?

You can request an individual room when booking a trip via phone or an enquiry form. Get in touch with us to update an existing booking. Most of our bookings have the option of paying a fee for a single room.

When I pay for an individual room, what room type will I be assigned?

The standard of accommodation will vary from hotel to hotel. However, individual rooms typically have double or single beds. When making a booking, select the types of beds you prefer.

I paid for a trip but haven't received confirmation, what shall I do?

Reach out to us via email or call our direct number to reconfirm. If your booking tour or space is unavailable, we will provide you with a full refund.

I booked extra trips but haven't received confirmation, how long should this take?

Please allow us to have us 2 to 4 working days for confirmation, after which we will email you the update

How do I update my details, e.g. passport number?

You will not be able to do any updating of details after you confirm your bookings. Please reach to us via email or alternatively, you can call us at 6755 8098 for the changes

What should I do if I am logged out of the system and unable to finish my bookings? 

If you received an error message and your details didn’t save, please re-login and try to add your details again. If the same problem arises, please close and re-open your browser and try again. If you’re still having issues, reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

If you booked through, please contact them directly as they will be able to assist you accordingly.

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Offering more than 100 buses, Cityline Global aims to provide a pleasant journey between Singapore and Malaysia. Buses provided by the company vary from 13 to 55 seaters with a mix of double-decker as well as single-deck VIP buses. All coaches are also equipped with an air-conditioning system and comfortable VIP seats to ensure a relaxing ride for all onboard guests.



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